Sunday, June 8, 2014

Introducing EmployThis, A Solution for Jobseekers

Here's a new idea for job seekers: a website called EmployThis will allow you to easily organize all your job-related files and access them from any computer or mobile device. Who hasn't started a job application process, gone back to refer to something from an ad, and found that the ad is no longer online? EmployThis keeps everything you need in a central, easily accessible place.

Currently, EmployThis is in the development phase, with a working mockup of their job map tool available on their website. The organization is currently seeking funding to complete their project through an IndieGogo campaign. Check out their IndieGogo site for lots more info about the project, including a couple of interesting videos that show you how their tools are meant to help job seekers.

In addition to being a cloud-based and mobile-ready system, EmployThis also has a graphical interface that is very easy and intuitive to use. There's also an anonymous forum where job seekers can safely vent and share stories about their job search process.

EmployThis needs to raise $50K to get their project up and running, and they've only just launched their crowdfunding campaign. The people behind the project really want people who are seeking jobs to be able find an employer more easily. The company's message is essentially that they want job seekers to know that there is help! By prepurchasing access to the full EmployThis suite of tools during the IndieGogo campaign, people can get great discounts.

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