Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meet KA Bedford, Personal Injury Solicitor

KA Bedford works as a personal injury solicitor in Manchester, United Kingdom. His website and firm specializes in helping people who have been in an accident and injured, claim compensation to help them with the recovery process.

1. Why did you decide to launch a website on the topic of personal injury law for people in Manchester?

With my legal background, and interest in internet marketing, it made sense to try to capitalize on both of those skills and interests. I could also see a gap in the market online where Manchester personal injury solicitors did not represent themselves particularly well online. I decided to get into the market and offer a unique service for clients in Manchester who are seeking the services of no win no fee and personal injury lawyers in the city. If your readers are interested, they can see the progress on our website ( - Accident Solicitors in Manchester).

2. What is your own background / interest in personal injury law?

I studied law at university and graduated 15 years ago. I kind of fell into personal injury law due to a mentor I had at the time. Being a personal injury solicitor and lawyer has been very rewarding due to the difference you can make to people's lives. That's why I love this line of work, and being based in Manchester means I get to meet so many interesting and varied people.

3. Do you think that a lot of injured people don’t pursue personal injury cases because of a lack of knowledge or other reasons?

I think that certainly used to be the case ten years ago. However, these days with so many personal injury claims, management companies advertising in print and television, I think it would be very hard for a person to be injured and not immediately think of making a compensation claim--that's my experience from working as a personal injury claims specialist for all of these years now.

4. Is online research the best way for someone to start learning about their rights after an accident, or are there other resources you also suggest?

In today's world, most people turn to the internet first for research purposes. This is why it's very important for me to get the KA Bedford Personal Injury Solicitors website up and running and satisfying those kind of researchers. However, I still don't think you can truly beat good old fashioned personal recommendations from friends and family members.

5. What can people find on your website, and how are you planning to continue to build it over the next several months?

OK, so on the website there's a new section currently under development which I hope to launch fully very soon--you can see a rough draft of it in our accident claims section. In addition to that, I'm currently working with legal experts and web developers to draft up content for an online compensation quote calculator. If people want to make a personal injury claim in Manchester, then they will very easily be able to put their details into the system and get a real-time estimate back from us--it's very exciting times!

Thanks, KA!

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