Monday, May 26, 2014

Introducing Spa Flow Mobile Massage of Atlanta Georgia

At my day job, there are mobile massage therapists who come to our workplace to offer chair massage, and I've seen chair massage at the airport, too. So I'm familiar with the idea of massage therapists who travel to residential and business locations to provide massage. But what I haven't heard of before is the idea of massage therapists offering spa parties, which is a unique service provided by Spa Flow Mobile Massage and Wellness of Atlanta.

For events like birthday parties, bridal showers, and more, Spa Flow offers services like foot massage, express mani/pedi treatments, table massage, and more. In other words, you can book an event at the venue of your choice and give your guests the special gift of wellness treatments.

In general, Spa Flow has found a great niche for their services because they allow customers in the Atlanta, GA area to have access to professional massage therapists while avoiding traffic, finding a place to park, etc. Plus, if you want a massage to be a stress-relieving activity, it makes sense to have a massage in the restful comfort of your own home. Reservations are generally available within 24 hours, and same-day appointments are sometimes available, too.

Learn more about Spa Flow by visiting their Facebook page and checking out the video below.

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