Friday, May 2, 2014

Guest Post from Natasha Bonham, Visual Artist

I have been inviting artists to share their first-person perspectives on this blog. Natasha Bonham contacted me via the With Five Questions Facebook page and offered the following reflections on her creative process. Check out her online portfolio here, and find her on Facebook here. A couple of examples of her work appear below--as you can see, I especially admire her collages!


I create art because it's fun. Every piece is different, a product of a mood or inspiration. Sometimes I have an idea in my head and I begin a project with a quick sketch. Other times I flip through a stack of old magazine or art books until inspiration hits me.

I love all media and often use more than one in my work. I love collage and the effects of combining different images to illustrate many concepts at once. Each work represents a solution to a problem. They are puzzles that needed to be assembled.

Though each piece is personal, to me it's just as important that I leave their meanings up to the observer.

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