Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Great Site for Military Flash Patches

I have an abiding love for vintage and vintage-style objects, so I can understand why people admire and collect military uniforms, patches, and other items. The old designs are often very unique and striking. If you like military patches, Paul Harding's Military Flash Patches site is a great resource for you. The goal of the site is to assist people who are interested in preserving wartime history.

Paul is based in the UK and ships his patches all over the world. His site specializes in military items worn by American, British, and German troops in WWII, and he receives a lot of business from re-enactors. As he notes on the site, "Paul Harding's military patches in no way subscribe to any Nazi or right wing views, and the items we sell are purely to customers for re-enactment and military history purposes only."

The site sells a combination of original/vintage and high-quality reproduction items. In addition to patches, you can find uniforms, helmets, hats, boots, and more. Made-to-order items are available if you are looking for a particular uniform or other item for your collection or a historical display or event. Another reason to recommend the site is that Paul is working to help raise funds for the Staffordshire war memorial through his product sales. If you are a militaria collector or a military re-enactor, it's worth checking out Paul's site!

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