Friday, April 4, 2014

Meet Reggy of I Can Change It

Reggy is looking for people who are struggling with their current life and with their finances. With his tutorial, I Can Change It, he offers people the ability to change their life, become more energetic again, focus on their goals, set goals, and even know why they set the goals. With his tutorial, he says that people will expand their horizon and open their eyes; people will finally get out of their very comfortable box and be excited again to get out and to experience real life again. People who join Reggy will be able to break their old habits and create new ones which are very powerful to help people become very successful. Life can be very beautiful when you know what to do.

1. In the very beginning of your project, what inspired you to begin your work on I Can Change It?

I understood that challenges exist to be overcome!

I was struggling for four years in my life, and I even became very depressive. Nothing worked out anymore. I blamed myself, and I blamed other people for my unfulfilled life. I always have been a positive person. I enjoyed life a lot and I always could handle pressure and problems that would arise. However, these four years were very different. They were horrible and frustrating. I had to go through a labyrinth that only had one little exit. There were many challenges waiting for me that always tested my patience and strength. These challenges taught me that I should never ever give up on myself. These challenges, even if they had been horrible, they made me much stronger than I had been before. I learned a lot about pulling myself together after a defeat. I now accept the fact that I might fail from time to time, and I acknowledge it. In addition, to fail does not mean to give up. Each miserable experience or moment has a positive side as well. It is always important to look at it from a different perspective than from your own. In these four years, I learned so much and I gained a lot of experience about what it means to get up again and convince yourself that life can be very beautiful if you prefer it to be. It is really all in our own hands, and when you know the key to your success, then it is easy to discover the beauty of your own life. There is much more hidden in our life that we cannot see or even imagine. By taking the right steps, we are able to open closed doors and unleash the energy that will make life complete.

I know there are many people who are stuck right now and do not know what to do next or how to turn their life around. People who are desperate and want to give up. People that do not see light at the end of the tunnel anymore. People that have really atrocious thoughts about their future. I want to support these people by making a huge change in their lives. I do not just want to support them by becoming more motivated, energized, fascinated, and excited again, but I want to support them by reaching their financial goals as well.

The reason why I established ICanChangeIt is because of the fact that I really changed my whole life, and if I can do it, everyone else can do it as well. It is not a miracle--it is a life challenge to overcome. As soon as one has overcome this challenge, he or she will say--I made it--what is the next challenge for me! I am here, and I am ready for it!

2. What kinds of changes do people work on when they participate in your program?

I am going into many different topics that all have to do with changing oneself from within. There are many patterns in our life that we manifested that are not supporting us to become more successful. We adopted habits that are influencing us in a negative way. Therefore, we need to exchange these habits and beliefs we are using each day. It is crucial to vaporize these unproductive activities. Some we use although we are not even aware of it.

Thus, focus, setting goals, knowing why to set goals, controling feelings, being passionate, changing habits, being committed, finding the source of being stressed out, confronting f.e.a.r--False Evidence Appeal Real--using pain, being excited again, using music, doing sports, feeding your brain, and becoming financially free by following a step by step guide are just a few topics that I am covering in my tutorial. By attending my tutorial you will see that it is easy to live a life with passion and you will learn how to reach your goals. If you want to be successful in life you need to have strong fundamentals to build success on. The fundamentals are you and your whole body.

3. What has been your own experience with creating positive change in your own life?

Now that I passed these four years of struggle, I am glad I experienced them. Without these four years, I would not be where I am right now. I definitely reached already some of my goals, and I can feel that I will reach my other goals soon as well. The positive change I created in myself, around me, and in my environment make me proud. I feel much more relaxed, I am enjoying life again, I am very comfortable being myself, and I never stop dreaming and tackling new projects. My life got an upgrade, and I made it possible. I took my life in my own hands again and started to direct it with full passion! I enjoy looking back and saying to myself that I climbed out of the hole and made it.

4. What makes the online environment a good fit for your program?

Due to the fact that I want to support as many people as possible, I established this program online. People all around the world can easily access it and start changing their life as soon as they sign up. It is convenient for most people because they can decide when they start their course and when they want to take a break. The online environment gives me the possibility to give immediate feedback and stay in close touch with my members. I love to hear their results and share them with the rest of my community. I like to be here when people have additional questions about the program or have specific needs. To communicate with my members is very vital for me.

5. If you could say just three things to someone who is reading this and is struggling in his or her life, what would you say?

Believe in Yourself!

Thanks, Reggy!

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