Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Introducing Mommy Morsels, a Personable Blog about Moms

Roxanne is a blogger who knows her audience: because she understands that moms are often busy and short on time, she keeps her blog posts on Mommy Morsels sweet and to the point. Better yet, she does this while maintaining a friendly, warm tone and without sounding hurried or terse at all.

The posts on Rox's blog address her personal experiences becoming a new mom in her 40s. She has been a fitness professional for years, so she also talks about topics related to health and fitness. The blog has a very practical feeling to it--I get the impression that her goal is to share useful resources with her readers. In other words, if you want to sit down for a few minutes and pick up an interesting tip or two, it would be worth your time to zip over to her blog!

While most of the posts are applicable to moms everywhere, there are also some posts with added benefits for moms in the Toronto area, which is where Rox is based. For example, a recent post invited readers to participate in a special 30-day fitness challenge led by a friend of hers who runs a spa in Toronto.

You'll find ideas for post-pregnancy stretches, information on the benefits of coconut water, and a range of other information. I think you'll agree that this is a blog with a good heart behind it.

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