Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Introducing EZHOPZ, an Online Shopping Mall

Based in the Netherlands, EZHOPZ is a new online shopping mall which was founded by young entrepreneur John Meyers and his team of developers, partnering with some longtime former business owners who offered advice based on their experience.

EZHOPZ offers online sellers the opportunity to list up to 10 products in a free webshop. The idea is to allow individuals and small businesses to set up shop online without spending a lot of money on web design, marketing, etc. The site is meant to be easy to use, for people who have wanted to sell online without spending hours and hours learning about e-commerce.

Each shop has its own storefront which sellers can personalize, and customers can search by type of product, by shop, or by the country where the shop is located. It's a global marketplace made up of a series of uniquely individual shops.

Here's more information about selling online at EZHOPZ, or get an overview of how the site works by watching the video below.


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