Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flu Season Around the World and Flu Vaccines

As I live in the United States, I think I have just escaped flu season for the year--or at least I really hope so. But my friends in Australia (one of the pleasures of the internet is that you make friends all over the world!) are just on the cusp of flu season, which generally occurs between June and August there. Honestly I didn't even know when flu season started in Australia until I visited a health website called Vaccine Hub ( which has lots of information about influenza.

I often get a bit confused as to whether certain symptoms are related to the flu or a cold, and the site is a good resource on this topic. It also has info on vaccines and what ages of people should get one. The older I get, the more I think about getting vaccinated for the flu; honestly I have yet to get the flu vaccine myself, but my grandma is a very health 95 year-old, and she swears by it and is always trying to convince me to get it, so one of these years I think I am going to follow up on her advice.

Vaccine Hub is actually a pretty comprehensive resource in general regarding vaccines for other illnesses such as whooping cough. Where I live, whooping cough has been making a comeback, and I did get immunized against it earlier this year. If you are looking to do any international travel, I would also recommend Vaccine Hub as a starting place for some ideas about immunizations you may need--they have useful maps as well as interesting articles.

For more useful and relevant information on the flu for people in all parts of the world, check out this link:

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