Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meet Sean Breed, Recording Artist

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Sean Breed grew up listening to R&B and rap music and began writing poetry and lyrics at a young age. He has traveled the world and performed with a variety of artists and musicians, and in 2005 he started Selym Records and released several independent singles. In spring of 2014, Sean Breed is releasing his full length LP. The album's title is an acronym meant to start a dialogue : H.ate I.s T.aught L.ove E.nds R.acism.

1. How did you come up with the acronym which makes up the title of your forthcoming album?

I was on social media, and people were asking me what the title of my album is. I remember without a second thought writing HITLER. I kept saying to myself that there had to be a reason that my subconscious mind thought of that title, so I called my producer Beat'n Da Oddz over to figure it out. Hate Is Taught Love Ends Racism came to life.

2. Why did you choose to move forward with a controversial title?

It just made perfect sense. There is continuous hate, racism, and murder being committed on a daily basis because of someone's ethnicity. Even the perpetrators sometimes don't realize why they are wired to hate, but if they backtrack in their lives, they would realize that it is taught. That title gives a reason but also a solution.

3. What artists have influenced your work as a musician?

A lot of artists of old and some of the new ones. I love the whole Motown movement. The DefJam Movement, Badboy Movement. I like Movements rather than songs. I rarely like specific artists nowadays. I like specific songs. I like Drake's Movement.

4. What do you find to be the easiest part and what do you find to be the most challenging part with writing music and lyrics?

The easiest part of making music is making music. The challenging part is all the BS that comes after. The business part of the music business. The most challenging part in writing music and lyrics is recording it and hearing it a few days after and thinking,"Is this GREAT?? Or does this Suck?"

5. For someone who hasn't yet heard any of your work, how would you describe/introduce yourself as an artist?

My work relates to everyone in some way or another. There is no one who can ever say that they got nothing from my body of music, especially from the H.I.T.L.E.R album which by the way will release on 4-20-2014 which was the birth of the dictator from Germany. I would describe myself as a diversified artist who speak about Love, Hate, Party, and Ratchetness. I'm one of the future saviors of the music business, and I may not support Jordan sneakers any more.

Thanks, Sean!

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