Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meet Laurie, Founder of Natures Light

Laurie is an herbalist who founded Natures Light over 10 years ago after she found out she was estrogen dominant and needed synthetic hormone replacement which has been known to cause cancer.

She decided to look for a natural alternative, and when she couldn't find a good one, she decided to make her own, using ingredients regular people can pronounce--especially since she has sensitive skin. Since then thousands of women have been helped with her progesterone cream.

Natures Light is a small company, family owned and family run, making natural progesterone in small batches, taking care to create products which offer the natural therapeutic properties of herbs and oils.

1. What does conventional medicine currently offer for women experiencing symptoms during menopause, and why do you think are doctors still prescribing hormone replacement therapy?

Conventional medicine offers synthetic hormones which are derived from animals' urine and parts of plants. These are still prescribed because the pharmaceutical lobby is powerful, and doctors don't know what else to do and are looking for a quick fix. The medical path is to always turn to pills, unlike the natural path which uses food for medicine.

2. What makes natural progesterone cream a safer alternative to HRT?

Natural progesterone cream is derived using the whole plant and gives your body the building blocks it needs to produce progesterone. So the plant-based progesterone cream works with your body. On the other hand, synthetic HRT may increase your risk of cancer, clotting, strokes, heart attacks, and gall bladder disease. Our cream is only progesterone--no estrogen added.

3. Would you tell us a bit about what inspired you to start your company and the process you went through to develop the creams you offer for sale?

I was frustrated with losing two weeks out of my life every month! I felt out of control, and the doctors either didn't believe me, or they just wanted to give me synthetic hormones which increases your cancer risk in one in three women.

I decided with my history using herbs and knowing that I was already at an increased risk for cancer that I would make my own progesterone. There were creams on the market, but they either didn't work, or they smelled horrible, or they caused my skin to break out!

After about nine months of testing, I developed my proprietary process of making my own progesterone cream.

4. What are some of the ingredients that go into your products, and are they safe for women with allergies or sensitive skin?

Nettle contains boron and one of the most bone-building herbs; since osteoporosis is often associated with menopause, we chose nettle to be a major ingredient. It is also great for menopause symptoms, cramps and bloating.

Coconut oil is the smallest molecule for easy absorption and penetrates the epidermis--it doesn't just puff it up. So it is a great delivery system.

Aloe vera has over 100 properties and is so soothing. It is a base for all our products.

Our herbs are all certified organic, and we offer an unscented version for sensitive skin and allergies. Additionally, all of our products are paraben free!

5. What are some of the other products you sell through Nature's Light, and where do you envision your company over the next few years?

We sell our PRO Xtreme-Natural Pain Relief Cream for arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, general aches and pains. We also have a spa line--Aviva Spa--with bath products: soaps, bath bombs, and more.

We have recently developed a line of products for animal care. Equine Fly Spray is an all natural alternative that keeps bugs and flies away safely. In our animal care line we also have Mare Care Cream for hormonal imbalance in female horses.

Over the next few years, I envision that our company will continue to grow. I am in the process of developing more products for our animal line, and I am working to further develop my spa line as well. Our motto "Nature Designed It, We Combined It" says it all: nature offers answers that we have yet to rediscover.

Thanks, Laurie!

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