Friday, January 3, 2014

Meet HermanSJr., Author and Researcher

HermanSJr. is a researcher based in common sense, logic and critical thinking who comes from a childhood of autodidacticism and problem solving. He believes that General Systems Theory and the sciences are crucial when investigating plaguing issues within our global society, e.g. religious intolerance and violence, racism, terminal illness, and corporate and societal deception that hinder human potential and keep the people at a stifled level of consciousness. His work tries to assist in creating a drastic global shift in awareness on how incorrect beliefs are established, inculcated and perpetuated so that our global population can first see the negative issues and then reorganize our thoughts and actions to resolve them. To assist in the awareness required HermanSJr. brings the truth regarding the negative issues and how they can be undone via the sciences so people can see where and how these changes must occur so that everyone across the globe can benefit from a unified and spiritually empowered humanity. In this manner humankind can advance uniformly as a single illuminated consciousness in order to live in peace and with the full power of its natural and great potential.

1. As a child or young adult, when did you first recognize your interest in philosophical questions?

There has been a drawing effect on me from enigmatic subjects since childhood. I am fortunate to be an avid student since childhood, always enveloping myself in studies of some sort. As a humanitarian I have always wanted to help myself and others achieve the desires we truly want for ourselves and our loved ones. Using my research I try to accomplish this for myself and others both personally and professionally. I have always been, and will forever continue to be, obsessed with knowledge. Using the sciences to arrive at, prove and profess my conclusions regarding such astounding issues that adversely affect us, our loved ones and friends is how I try to assist myself and others in creating the lives that we all want for ourselves and loved ones. With the advent of grand global technology and affiliations our planet is far too small to let people of any region continue in isolated suffering.

2. What has been your course of study over the years to pursue your diverse intellectual interests?

Interdisciplinarianism with an emphasis on common sense, logic and critical thinking has been the focus of my studies. General Systems Theory and other broad analytical skills are a major part of my studies as they lead one to develop certain critical skills needed in order to assist in solving issues which are so powerful in stifling human potential across races and across the world. History has proven that many times the most sound answers to grand issues may rest outside the discipline wherein the issues lie. For example, one of the integral members of the technological giant Apple was originally a maker of sugar water, a Pepsi executive named Sculley. He was not of the technology industry yet was able to see things from a different perspective and assist in surpassing the goals of Apple. This is only one of many examples in history where an unorthodox thinker and idea was the hero to debilitating issues faced by society.

3. How would you introduce and describe your work to someone who had not encountered it before?

The research is for those who struggle for truth, who struggle to better their lives but seem to always meet with failure; at least they think they always meet with failure: much of that failure is the work of inculcated incorrect mentalities and perspectives which do not allow them to see the truth of the successes they have had but only the failures. It is for those that hold onto restricting phrases such as "Every time I try to improve my life, something comes up and knocks me back down," or "That person was successful coming from nothing in his/her life, but I can not do that." The work I do focuses on using the sciences to prove that all of the growth, change, health, peace and positivity that is wanted by these same people, by all of us, is available to all people who rid themselves of corrosive belief systems which are perpetuated throughout society across the globe. My work shows that the only difference between a life of positivity and one of negativity is merely a matter of shifting your perspective. Understanding the sciences and examining the problems you face with a critical mind you can see things more clearly for what they truly are and, more importantly, for what you truly are and are capable of for yourself and for your loved ones so you can all live the lives you truly want.

4. What inspired you to write your book, Seeking Truth While Sifting Through A Global Practice?

I have always been a humanitarian who is interested in helping others develop their potential while I try to develop to my own. However, this betterment of ourselves is not able to occur amidst a mentality of self­-defeat that is inculcated into our minds and the minds of our loved ones. This corrosive mentality which promotes human potential deficiency stems from vast incorrect beliefs rooted in such arenas of life as religion, education and business. These vices are what continue to perpetuate the beliefs that certain types of people can not better their lives, or can only do so to a certain extent. This includes beliefs across practically every aspect of life imaginable such as not being able to increase their IQ, get the job they truly desire and even healing themselves of terminal illnesses. Our global society would benefit drastically if we were to remove debilitating belief systems from our consciousness. It is for this reason that I wrote my book. While it focuses on the boundaries created for us by religion it is an impetus for people to see things differently in all realms of life and understand that the truth of their human potential is out there for them to find so that they can better their and their loved ones' lives through the sciences and a true understanding of that which the human race is capable.

5. Do you think that common sense has enough of a role in popular and academic discourse today, or do you think that we would benefit from adopting more of a common sense perspective?

I would say that while common sense may be used and understood by a good amount of society, it is not followed to the extent required for change and for accomplishing the desires people have for themselves and their loved ones. While a soundly developed and utilized common sense perspective is a start, it is not the only perspective that should be focused upon. The full spectrum of common sense, logic and critical thinking using the sciences from an angle of General Systems Theory would be one of the most beneficial avenues to use in order for us to rid our global society from hurtful belief systems which only cause tremendous suffering to us all. To the person in Dubai holding three demeaning part-­time jobs to make ends meet, to the single mother in Africa who cries in the night after her child has gone to sleep because she is living paycheck to paycheck, and to the African American in the U.S. who curses a god after his family has been beaten by racist Caucasians because of skin color. These atrocities are not needed and should not exist, but they will only disappear after we shift our perspective on beliefs forced onto us by institutions that benefit from our fear, selfishness and misery.

Thanks, HermanSJr.!

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