Saturday, January 11, 2014

Introducing DatingWise

When you first click onto the DatingWise website, you'll see a box to register for free, but you can click around on the website to explore before signing up, which is always a good feature in my opinion. DatingWise offers detailed reviews of a wide variety of dating-related websites. The reviews contain both text and video content, and there are lots of user comments on the reviews which gives you even more of an idea of what you might find on the different dating sites under consideration.

Another nice feature is that the dating sites are categorized by location and other features that specific sites emphasize (such as sites focusing on making matches between people who share a religion). If you're looking for a particular type of dating site, odds are you'll find it on DatingWise.

There's also a page on the site called Deals which gives you links to introductory/discount packages with various personals websites, so if you find a service you want to try while browsing DatingWise, you might just find a coupon to get started!

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