Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Better Lighting in Your Office: A Guest Post by Liz Ping

The post below is a guest post written by Liz Ping, who describes herself as a freelancer, a writer, a blogger, and an enthusiastic amateur home stylist. She regularly writes tips and ideas for office, lifestyle, home, and garden. You can contact her on Google+.

Get Better Lighting in Your Office

There you have it, the office you've always wanted. You've worked so hard to get where you are, but it feels like there is something missing in your office. You can't quite put your finger on what exactly is wrong with your beautiful office that you've always wanted. It might be time to look up, at your ceiling light. Think about the lighting in your office; it might not be quite to where you'd like to see it. Maybe you want a more natural, daylight white lighting, or an LED panel for your office. Whatever it might be that is just a little off with your office, you should really consider improving your office lighting.

Three Benefits of Improving Office Lighting

Improving the lighting in your office has so many benefits that you might not quite see right now in your dimly lit office. First, with more light you're going to be able to see much better than you are now. Even if your vision is fine, with more light you're going to have fewer work-related headaches and significantly less strain on your eyes. Secondly, you're going to have a much more welcoming office. This will ensure that clients and co-workers can be more comfortable, therefore much easier to work with. If you have a dimly lit office, there is less trust in the air. Thirdly, it's been shown in various studies that if you improve the lighting in your office, your overall mood at work will be much higher. This gives you a chance to be more positive, and therefore much more productive, at work.

Tips That Will Improve Your Office Lighting

Your ceiling light might be something that you've grown accustomed to, but it's just not the right lighting for your office, especially if you have many people coming in and out throughout the day. Having a less traditional light fixture will not only give a more direct light, but a much better overall look to your office. If you have lights where you need them, as opposed to a ceiling light, you will have lighting specifically where you need it, and have a much better time looking at what you need to see. With lights in places that you need to see things, you can highlight specific things around your office. Let's say you have a very nice painting in your office: set the light fixture closer to it, and it will be highlighted; therefore more people will see the painting, and you have a conversation piece.

The type of lighting that you choose to go with is very important. If you have a light in your office that is florescent, you should probably get rid of it. Most people are beginning to prefer having daylight white lighting. It allows for a much more natural color to your space, and gives a welcoming and sometimes slightly warming feeling as soon as you enter the room. Others are choosing to make the switch to LED lighting. This is good for your electric bill and they last forever. LED panels are also good to use if you're in need of a lot of light, such as if your office is very large.

Thanks, Liz!

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