Friday, November 8, 2013

Introducing LED Clothing

Just when you think you've seen it all, you click around on the internet and realize there's always something new and interesting. Today's discovery? LED clothing.

LED clothing marries technology and fashion to produce a variety of clothing items which also create unique lighting effects. Based in Seoul, South Korea, the LED Clothing Co, Ltd creates clothing for purposes ranging from clubbing to advertising. They specialize in handmade garments customized to the specific needs of each buyer. On the company's website, they explain that they can make costumes of "any complexity and design," and their client list includes a number of top international companies such as Samsung, Volvo, and CitiBank. They also work with a number of pop singers and other creative artists.

Check out some examples of the LED suits that can be custom-made. And when you look at this mirror man outfit, you'll wonder how they did it.

You can also try out LED clothing by making a smaller purchase such as a t-shirt or cap. In short, with the creative work of a designer who knows just how to arrange light-emitting diodes, you can have a very unique article of clothing, be it for everyday wear or for a showstopper to wear in the clubs or on stage.

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