Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Introduction to Casino Apps, A Review Website

For those who enjoy playing casino games on their smartphones and tablets, there are a wide variety of casino game apps in the iTunes and Google Play store. But how do you choose which ones to play? There's a website called Casino Apps which offers reviews and screenshots to help you sort through the many options.

The Casino Apps site is divided into several sections for different types of games, including bingo, slots, roulette, poker, and even solitaire. As an example of one of the site's popular bingo app reviews, the review of Bingo Party emphasizes both the social and single-player aspects of the free app, which allows users to connect with friends via Facebook to play as well as to play offline by yourself.

The site is a good place to find out what different apps provide in terms of a user experience--and to make your best judgments in terms of which apps you want to try given their potential costs. While most of the sites are free and involve playing for credits rather than real money, there are some sites which involve real money, so play at your own risk!

In short, this is a useful site for getting an idea of some of the casino apps out there: it's a nice starting place that puts several things all in one place so that you can save yourself some Googling and clicking through search results.

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