Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Addiction Partner: An Informational Resource with a Personal Perspective

Addiction Partner is an informational blog about different forms of addiction, from addiction to drugs and alcohol to other addictions such as compulsive gambling and pornography addiction.

Robert started the site after experiencing the effects of addiction within his family. He wanted to learn more about addiction to better understand what his family member was going through. By sharing what he learns, Robert hopes to help other people who are facing their own addictions or those of family members and friends.

Through his reading and research on the subject, Robert told me that he's finding that "there's a ton of different addictions afflicting people, so plenty to write about." Indeed, his site is frequently updated and contains a variety of useful content.

If you're interested in learning more about addiction, one place to start is with the Addiction Partner page of recommended videos, which gives specially selected video clips on themes related to addiction. You could scroll through YouTube to find good resources, or you could just click over to Addiction Partner where Robert's already found some engaging content for you.

Robert's interest in the subject shows, and his articles are clear and direct. Click here to start reading the articles on Addiction Partner.

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