Thursday, October 17, 2013

Phyllis Garland: WordPress Lady and Blog Whisperer

When Phyllis Garland told me that people often refer to her as the WordPress Lady or the Blog Whisperer, well, I had to check out the website for her business, Garland Web Services. Based in San Mateo, Phyllis reaches beyond her local client base through webinars which offer training designed to help simplify your experience using WordPress.

A lot of independent entrepreneurs and small business owners (myself included!) hear a lot about WordPress but haven't made the leap and given it a try. Phyllis wants to show you that it's not really that hard--and beyond that, a WordPress site can serve a lot of different purposes. We all think of WordPress as being a great blogging platform, but it's also a clean and simple design for a more static website about your business (or nonprofit, or art project, or family genealogy page or...!).

For a nice overview of WordPress and why Phyllis has come to love it, check out her article on "What Is WordPress and Why Should I Care?".

Phyllis also does marketing work, and you can gather up some great tips by following her on Facebook.

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