Friday, September 13, 2013

Meet Manjula Fernando, Founder of offers free web design by professionals. Customers pay $40 a year for their domain and web hosting. If they find a better offer, will match it too. Click here to see the range of Websi services.

The founder, Manjula Fernando, is an experienced IT graduate who has worked with leading brands in the UK.

1. When did Websi get started, and what separates your company from other hosting services?

We provide free web design. All you have to do is buy hosting from us, and we are comparatively cheaper when compared with other hosting service providers like GoDaddy, HostGator, or Yahoo.

2.When a new customer sends you $40 to register a domain and buy a year of web hosting, what do you provide in terms of free web design services?

We provide up to five pages of custom web design free of charge. We provide customers with three templates related to their business to choose from. Also, we submit to search engines free for a limited time.

3. If you've been hosting a site for a customer for a while and the customer needs additional work in updating or redesigning his or her website, what do you offer in terms of services at that point?

We provide additional services at just $10 a hour.

4.How do you compete with the "giants" in web hosting (such as GoDaddy)?

We are unique. We are the only company which provide free web design by professionals. All other free web design services use website builders which are hard to use for people with less technical knowledge.

5. Do you help customers install easy-to-update blogging clients on the sites you host--and what else do you do to make having a website an easier thing for people who want to manage their own sites but aren't super-experienced as webmasters?

We give our clients a free update on their site once a year. Also, on request we can build the site with WordPress, so they can change the contents whenever they want.

Thanks, Manjula!

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