Monday, September 16, 2013

Introducing Vintage Candles Unwined, Maker of Natural Soy Candles

As a fan of candles made of natural materials, I was happy to learn about the natural soy candles made by Vintage Candles Unwined. And better yet, the candles are made using glass cut from upcycled wine bottles.

Vintage Candles Unwined is an independent company based in Boise, Idaho. They buy the cut and beveled glasses for their candles from a local company which employs individuals who have workplace challenges. The candles are hand-poured and do not include any dyes or chemicals; even the wicks are eco wicks which keep your home environment free of crude oil refinements that are contained in paraffin waxes. And after you burn your candle, you can reuse the glass as a drinking glass or small vase or pencil cup or...!

The company offers a variety of scents and will consider ideas and requests submitted by customers. They are currently in the process of designing a new label for their candles, and can add an image of any state you'd like to the labels of the candles you purchase. Each candle contains 8-12 ounces of soy and will burn for 50-75 hours.

Find candles from Vintage Candles Unwined at local retailers in Boise and online at and on Etsy.

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