Friday, September 27, 2013

An Introduction to TheSevenFigureLife Blog by Azad

Level One Network is a blogging and marketing system that is becoming known for its search engine results. Because individual blogs are hosted on the larger Level One website, individual bloggers get more of a boost from Google. People on the network are free to post about the content of their choosing, so you'll find content that covers a wide variety of topics.

I recently received a link to a blog called TheSevenFigureLife where the author, Azad, has a particular interest in workouts and supplements. In a recent post, Azad gives special emphasis to preworkout supplements from well-known trainer Mike Chang.

Called "Afterburn Fuel," the product is meant to give added intensity to workouts, specifically if you are doing strength training and weight lifting. Azad likes the product because it isn't overly caffeinated, so he works out with a feeling of greater intensity but not with "jittery" feelings that can come from some supplements.

Thanks to Azad for sending me the link to his site, and good luck to him with his future posts on Level One.

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