Friday, August 2, 2013

Meet Tina Bradley of Elan.London

Elan.London is an exclusive Matchmaking Introduction Agency in London. They are the only agency in the world to offer a triple guarantee. They provide discreet and thoughtful introductions for busy, successful, and attractive singles. As a bespoke professional introduction agency, the staff at Elan.London are proactive in finding the perfect match for their international clients, who are typically high fliers: people who have successful careers, great personalities, are attractive to the opposite sex, and look after themselves physically and mentally. They have busy and exciting lives but simply do not have the time to find Mr or Miss Right.

1. What most distinguishes Elan.London from other agencies for singles to find matches?

Elan.London is unique in that we offer a triple guarantee: we guarantee a certain amount of matches, guarantee that we are the best agency in London, and also will match any other guarantee out there. In addition to that, we don't just wait for new members to join us; we are proactive in finding suitable matches for our busy clients.

2. What does your agency do to be proactive in finding the perfect match for a client, and what is the role of your "socialite headhunters" in this process?

Elan.London has a team of socialite headhunters or consultants who network seven days a week at high end social events, always looking out for the perfect partner for our clients.

3. Why don't people meet more eligible matches in their daily lives?

Professionals these days work very, very hard--especially in major cities like London. They have little time to keep socializing to meet new people and form lasting relationships. We reduce the amount of time it takes to be introduced to a suitable match: a person who will tick all the boxes for the client.

4. Are your clients located in London or around the world?

The majority of our clients are based in London but some do have homes in other countries, too.

5. For someone who feels hesitant about signing up with an introduction agency, what advice or encouragement might you give?

We would suggest taking a look at what agencies are offering and whether you feel they would be doing an excellent job for you. Ask them about guarantees and what sort of person you can be expected to meet. Yes, a dating agency costs more than internet dating but you are paying for a very specialized and personalized service. You're cutting down the amount of precious time spent wading through online profiles, and you want to be sure that the person you meet is committed to having a long term relationship and has been checked out by the agency.

Thanks, Tina!

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