Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meet SG Johnson, Author

SG Johnson lives in a small country town in Indiana with her loving husband Daniel and their adorable Siamese cat named Katarina Rose. She has always had a dream to write about her love for animals. Her biggest inspiration is Katarina Rose.

The Adventures of Katarina Rose is a book based on this curious and active kitty, who goes on adventures every day and meets and learns about other animal friends along the way.

1. What inspired you to write a children's book about a Siamese cat?

I always had a dream to write a children's book and my biggest inspiration was my baby girl, Katarina Rose.

2. How is Katarina Rose like--and unlike!--other cats?

She has a personality unlike other cats. She looks and talks like she is human.

3. What are a couple of examples of some of the adventures Katarina Rose gets into while her mom and dad are at work?

Katarina meets a squirrel named Peanut and a deer named Chief, and they take the children on the adventures of living out in the country.

She teaches the children about the other animal friends along the way.

4. What age of children make up your intended audience for the book, and what has the response been from parents and children who have read the book so far?

The age group is anywhere from 3 on up.

They like the book and how it tells the story of the other animals, and they like the color pictures.

5. Did you create the illustrations for this book as well as the text? If you collaborated with an illustrator, what was that process like?

The cover of the book was my idea. The illustrations are from a free image website. I wanted to use pictures that children could relate to. Katarina Rose's real picture is in the back of the book.

Thanks, SG!

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