Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Griffel Dorshow Johnson, A Minneapolis Law Firm Specializing in Personal Injury

I have to admit that I enjoy reading testimonials on a website. I think it's the storytelling aspect: I trust a company more when I read true stories from their happy clients. I even have written a testimonial or two in my day, which was my pleasure. All this to say that when I clicked onto the website for the Minneapolis law firm, Griffel Dorshow Johnson, I immediately clicked their testimonials link.

The firm shares several stories from clients. I was especially moved by the story of a young woman who was hit by a motorcycle at the age of 20. As she puts it, "One day I was walking down a small side street near my parents' home when I heard a loud roar... the next thing I remember is waking up in the ditch. The motorcycle had hit me and crashed..." The insurance company denied her claim, somehow interpreting the accident as partially her fault for walking on the wrong part of the road. With the help of Mr. Dorshow, she was able to receive coverage for her claim and financial help as she recovered from the accident.

When it comes to looking for a Minneapolis car accident lawyer, many people have been helped by Griffel Dorshow Johnson; click here for more information. These attorneys have diverse experience but have chosen to practice only personal injury law as a way of offering focused and specialized services.

And by the way, they have cleverly made their web address the same as their phone number,

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