Saturday, July 13, 2013

Relaxation with Cal Spas Hot Tubs

There's a blog about everything you want to know about in this world, including Cal Spas hot tubs. Friends who have had hot tubs have talked about the therapeutic physical benefits of a personal spa, not to mention the mental relaxation. Cal Spas runs a lot of contests and promos, and this info is available on their blog.

It's easy enough to think about how relaxing a Cal Spa might be, but how to choose one of their many models of hot tubs? Here's a review of their Aqua Select AS-730L which fits six people and has 30 jets. Another popular model is the Genesis GR510, which the reviewer describes as "nothing but awesomeness." How to argue with that?

On the practical side, Cal Spas also come with a warranty for everything from structural aspects to plumbing, and owners say that a hot tub only results in a small monthly increase of their electric bills.

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