Monday, July 29, 2013

Meet Adam Montierth, Film Producer and Director

Adam Montierth, along with his twin brother Donovan, formed a production company in 2004 and they have produced and directed films which were screened in over 40 film festivals across the country. They won over 20 awards for their films and screenplays, and several of the films have aired on TV. Donovan and Adam won a Rocky Mountain Emmy® Award for Reveille on October 6th, 2007. Adam has written, optioned and produced several screenplays.

Locker 13 is Adam and Donovan's first feature film, and they have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding to finish their post-production work.

Locker 13 is thriller anthology feature film, in the style of The Twilight Zone, revolving around a mysterious locker 13. The cast includes well-known actors from movies and TV: Ricky Schroder (Silver Spoons, Lonesome Dove, 24), Rick Hoffman (Suits), Jon Gries (Napoleon Dynamite), Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), and many more.

Below is a preview of the film.

1. Could you tell us a bit about some of the stores that intersect around the mysterious locker 13 in your film?

Locker 13 is the story of Skip (Jason Spisak, The Vampire Diaries), a young ex-convict who takes a position as a night janitor at an old-west theme park. His supervisor Archie (Jon Gries, Napoleon Dynamite), teaches him the ropes, but more importantly attempts to convey critical philosophical messages through a series of four stories: a down and out boxer (Ricky Schroder, NYPD Blue, Silver Spoons, The Champ) is given the opportunity to become a real golden gloves killer; an assassin (Rick Hoffman, Suits, Battleship) kidnaps three people in order to find out who hired him for his latest hit; a new recruit (Bart Johnson, High School Musical) is initiated into a lodge of fez-wearing businessmen where hazing can take a malevolent turn; and a member of a suicide club (Jason Marsden, Boy Meets World, White Squall) introduces real fear into a man about to jump to his death. The four stories suddenly come into play when Skip is faced with a life-or-death decision of his own.

2. How did you secure such a great and eclectic cast?

Many of the actors that we approached told us virtually the same thing: they wanted to be a part of Locker 13 because of the writing. The stories are interesting with a few surprise twists and the characters are strong. Being an anthology also allowed us to break up the shooting schedule into three-day blocks. The actors were able to participate without having to say no to a larger project. We were very fortunate, as we only had a fraction of the budget that a Hollywood production has.

3. Why did you choose Kickstarter to help fund your post-production costs?

We've worked very hard to maintain a high level of quality for this project. We've had to pinch every penny and call in a lot of favors, but we're really proud of the film. We're at the tail end of Post and needed that last little boost to help us finish. We turned to Kickstarter, because we knew they had a solid reputation of helping artistic projects. We also really like the reward aspect and wanted to give back to those that help us.

4. What will backers of the Kickstarter campaign receive in exchange for their support?

The rewards range from digital copies of a stand-alone e-book, the full length feature script, and graphic novel; to a digital copy of Locker 13, real props from the film signed by the actors, and even a wedding in the chapel on the set of Gunsight Pass.

A lot of very cool rewards, but my favorite is the ULTIMATE BACKER PREMIERE - YOU AND 1 GUEST (in Fort McDowell, Arizona, airfare and lodging not provided): Visit the Wild West Town set built for the movie, Gunsight Pass, eat a chuckwagon dinner AND watch an ADVANCED SCREENING of Locker 13 in a replica of the Birdcage Theatre!

5. What's your goal in terms of timing for Locker 13's release, and will it be on the festival circuit?

We are looking to have a limited theatrical release beginning on December 13th 2013, but we haven't set anything in stone for distribution yet, as we are focusing on finishing Post. We are however, entertaining many different offers. We've always liked the festival circuit and would definitely consider going to many of the festivals. We will keep everyone posted on Please check it out.

Thanks, Adam!

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