Friday, July 26, 2013

Jassen Bowman and

We've all heard people complain about taxes, and many of us have been guilty of our own share of complaints, but Jassen Bowman takes a more optimistic approach. He's an Enrolled Agent, which means that he's licensed directly by the IRS to represent taxpayers who have problems with the IRS. Jassen has been negotiating the resolution of tax debts for over five years now. He set up his website,, in order to teach other tax professionals (including CPAs, tax attorneys, and other Enrolled Agents) how to do the same thing.

Jassen's blog has an emphasis on providing excellent customer service, and he suggests a variety of useful tips that professionals can use to help market their tax business more effectively. He also draws from his own experience to offer ideas that professionals can apply today to make their businesses more efficient. The blog has a friendly and helpful tone.

Given the educational nature of the blog, it's not surprising that Jassen has developed other educational materials. In fact, he offers a full training course which teaches tax resolution. Tax resolution is a very lucrative field for tax professionals to be engaged in, and Jassen has written an ebook on the subject as well.

He also offers training courses teaching tax professionals how to market their services to grow their practices, and he writes a lot about "best practices" in actually operating their businesses. Anyone in the tax field or interested in entering it would do well to check out Jassen's informative site.

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