Thursday, July 11, 2013

Introducing Author and Entrepreneur, Mike Omar

Mike Omar is the author of How to Make Money Online, a book about building a passive income that's available for Amazon Kindle. Mike's strategy is to create a portfolio of websites, each of which generates a portion of your monthly income. He has a background in finance and over the years has taught himself a number of skills, starting with web design.

In addition to his e-book, Mike also is the founder of The Make Money from Home Lions Club. On the site, he provides a detailed action plan with step-by-step written and video tutorials that take you through such processes as generating traffic through search engines and marketing digital products. Better yet, he provides all of these tools for free.

I always like it when entrepreneurs share their own stories when introducing their products, and Mike offers an autobiography that will make a lot of readers say, "I can relate." He lost his job in 2008 as part of the economic downturn. Over the course of two years, he built up his portfolio of websites to the point where he was making a living through passive income. Then he decided to turn his entrepreneurial efforts toward teaching other people the skills that he used to build up his own business.

In his own words, "My best advice to anybody who is interested in entrepreneurship is START NOW! And always be working on side projects outside of your regular job."

Keep up with Mike on Facebook and Google Plus. And check out this video for an introduction to the free lessons in building passive income offered through The Lions Club.

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