Friday, July 12, 2013

A Great Blog about Kids and Communication by Nigel Lane

Nigel Lane is a speaker and coach who works with schools and parents on a variety of issues related to communication, motivation, professional development for teachers, and negotiating contemporary issues as parents. I enjoyed visiting Nigel's blog recently and reading his thoughts on a variety of topics, especially topics related to how to talk with kids about their use of online technologies.

Should your kids have smartphones? What are some ways to initiate thoughtful conversations with kids? These are just a couple of the questions that Nigel's posts bring up.

Nigel has a wealth of personal and professional experience. He's a dad and a grandfather, and he has worked with children and teenagers in several contexts, from schools to correctional facilities. He was a chaplain in a young offenders institution for a number of years, and he has worked in schools in many different capacities.

In addition to his speaking, coaching, and consulting work, Nigel is the author of 101 Practical Ways to Motivate Your Child, an ebook filled with practical tips.

For more about Nigel and his work, check out

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