Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet Mohammed Shaker, Entrepreneur

Mohammed Shaker is an entrepreneur who launched Panda CashBack LLC last year. is a rebate website that rewards shoppers with cash back for shopping online when they shop with affiliate partners. Panda Cash Back currently partners with over 2000 online retailers. Members can also get the latest coupons and offers for these stores as well as locate the best local deals in their city.

1. What inspired you to start Panda Cash Back?

I was always interested in helping people save money. When I was a student, I enjoyed the idea of student discounts, and I ended blogging about them, but I always felt I wanted to do more. I wanted to help people everywhere save money on their shopping without going through a lot of trouble (it sometimes takes hours for a user to find a legitimate coupon on a coupon website). I knew that rebates are a great way to save money, and so we established our website to help shoppers get rebates. We were also able to find a way to allow online shoppers to get the latest coupons directly from the merchants on our website. Our users now can enjoy both coupons and rebates without going through the trouble of lots of searching, or running the risk of using expired coupons.

2. In reading the "about us" page on your site, it seems to me that your company turns the concept of affiliate marketing into a profit-sharing model. Is this a fair way to describe how your site works, and what are some of the brands/companies you partner with?

That is true. Affiliate marketing has always been a one way street for affiliates to earn money. We are changing that trend. Most online shoppers are not aware that a single click can bring hundreds of dollars to an affiliate marketer.

We have more than two thousands partners, and they include big brand name stores in the USA like Macy's, GoDaddy, 6PM, and FTD, and we do have global partners as well.

3. Do consumers need to disclose any personal information to use your site?

We require a minimum amount information from our users: name, email, and payment information.

4. What has been the feedback/response you have received from consumers since you started your site a year ago?

Our feedback has been good since we first started because our priority is always customer service.

5. What suggestions do you have for people who want to get the most for their money when buying online?

Always check if a store has a coupon or offer on our website. On PandaCashBack, we provide our users with the latest coupons and offers. For the majority of the stores on your site, the user can both use coupons or offers and earn cash back.

Thanks, Mohammed!

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