Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet Marc Chili of

Marc Chili is the CEO of which is rapidly becoming one of the web's fastest growing coupon code, discounts, and promotion code websites.

1. What inspired you to start Coupon Chili?

A few years ago I was buying a new CD player from the Best Buy website and noticed that there was an option in the shopping cart to enter in a Best Buy coupon. I'd never used online coupon codes before so searched Google to try to find a valid one to enter. I must have spent 30 minutes trying to find a valid and working coupon code before I gave up. As I already knew how to build websites, I thought to myself that there was probably an opportunity to build a coupons website that had valid content on it, instead of the sites I was visiting which always had out of date offers. The next day I started researching the market and spent a number of weeks developing the website and then launched in 2012--although it's only been this year that I've started to dedicate the majority of my time to the website and have expanded to include many varied retailers.

2. What does the day to day running of the Coupon Chili website involve?

I've got a large checklist of future developments for the site which I try to work through with my programmers which is taking up a lot of the time at the moment. The pure basics of running a coupon code site, through, are what take the majority of hours in a typical day. This involves talking with the online retailers to get access to any new codes, adding them to the website, testing them, responding to customer feedback, and also reaching out to other websites online to find advertising opportunities.

3. How often do you update the deals on your site, including checking on the coupons and promo codes to make sure they still work?

This generally depends on the retailer. Most of them tend to release new coupon codes each month, so I tend to be at the busiest updating the promotions during week one of any given month. However, I am constantly looking to develop new partnerships with new websites, so on a daily basis I am adding new coupons and promo codes to the website to make sure that it's as up to date as possible with the latest offers.

4. When it comes to shopping, are there certain items that you particularly recommend as online purchases, rather than in-store buys?

Definitely. Obviously it goes without saying that any form of digital purchase will always need to be fulfilled online, but outside of that there are some items which tend to be best bought over the web. From my experience any form of computing equipment. There are simply no bricks and mortar stores that can compete with online retailers in this space. As an example, Coupon Chili works with Dell and has a range of offers on their XPS Ultrabooks and laptops. If you were to buy one of these in a physical shop versus buying online at Dell (with a Coupon Chili promotion) then the savings can be anything between $300 and $500. It simply makes sense.

5. What are the current best deals and coupons that are available on Coupon Chili that might appeal to our readers? 

From my perspective the Best Buy offers are great value for money at the moment, which is kind of cool considering it was because of them that I first got into this business! Other ones worth mentioning are RingCentral, Overstock, Tire Rack, BH Cosmetics, and Karmaloop--so a nice broad spectrum of retailer types there which should mean most people can find a bargain on the Coupon Chili website.

Thanks, Marc!

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