Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Introducing TempToy, a Creative Startup for Texas Boat Rentals

I'm always interested in unique ideas for new businesses, so it was great to hear from the entrepreneur behind a site called TempToy.

The idea of this small business is to create a platform where boat owners can list their boats to renters in the state of Texas.

This concept makes perfect sense to me as I've known people who buy a boat or make some other large purchase (such as a camper or RV), and not only is it a pricey purchase, but it's also something they can't use all the time. So why not rent it out? Renting it out even a few days a year could help recover the purchase price.

The nice thing about TempToy for boat owners is that the site eliminates the legwork involved in finding a renter; all you do is post the info about your boat, and then people can find it on the site. The following link explains more about how it works.

People looking for a rental can customize their search according to desired dates as well as specific location--you can enter a particular body of water in Texas and find rentals available in that area.

This is one of those ideas that makes me say, "Wow, I wish I thought of something like that..."

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