Friday, June 14, 2013

Introducing Inspire Me by Markku Tauriainen

Markku Tauriainen is a 50+ year-old enthusiastic Finnish author and entrepreneur who is also the founder of Taurisol S.L., a new holiday resort in Mijas, Spain. He enjoys running half and full marathons to keep his mind sharp, helping people in sales world-wide, trying to remain humble, and allowing himself to grow to his full potential as a human being.

The author of Inspire Me, Markku blogs regularly at Be sure to check out his site to read several free excerpts from his book.

Inspire Me is available from Amazon and Lulu. Markku is known for writing with a fresh, easily comprehensible manner about the doctrines of selling and of life, based on his personal experiences of over 30 years as a self-made author and entrepreneur.

"To rise above the pack," says Markku, "we need to have a challenge--beyond dreams!" He is achieving his own dreams by seeing the plans for his Taurisol resort come to life.

More importantly, he hopes to inspire readers to fulfill their own dreams of success in sales, business, and self-actualization. His book offers a unique perspective based on his professional experiences and his personal zest for life, and he invites readers to visit his website to share their own ideas about success, leadership, and enthusiasm.

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