Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Get Well Gifts at Christopher Alan Designs

The designers and customer service specialists at Christopher Alan Designs have assembled a variety of unique gift baskets to share as get well gifts for family and friends who are recovering in the hospital or at home.

Some baskets have particular themes, such as the "Blockbuster" care package to help movie lovers pass the time as they build their strength up following illness or surgery. There are also birthday-themed baskets for patients of all ages who happen to have a birthday while they are ill.

Many of the baskets include gifts specially selected for patients who are needing a lot of bed rest. Designers have chosen a range of activities from sudoku, crosswords, and word searches to board games and light reading like TV Guide.

There are also arrangements meant for family members as a means of offering support in times of stress or grief.

In addition to get well gifts, Christopher Alan Designs has gift baskets for many other themes and occasions, with a wide range of recipients in mind.

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