Friday, May 24, 2013

Business Card Printing from NextDayFlyers

Even with so much business happening in the online environment, a lot of us still need business cards at least now and then, for conferences or trade shows or lectures or...!

Like many other printing companies who sell products online, has a lot of easily adaptable templates, so creating a business card for any industry or to match any particular style or aesthetic should be a breeze.

There are standard cards, cards with rounded corners, and folded cards (which give you twice the amount of space to share a message with potential customers). I know I've picked up--and saved--business cards in the past simply because I was attracted by a cool design.

What distinguishes NextDayFlyers is the company's committment to green practices. For example, their cardstock uses 50% post-consumer waste.

Oh, and NextDayFlyers promises "offset quality for a digital price," which is pretty cool, too.

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