Monday, April 1, 2013

Meet Rylei Franks, Singer, Songwriter, and Musician

Rylei Franks is a singer and songwriter living in Soap Lake, Washington who was previously in a band called Solution Zero. He split from the band to write his own songs in a different genre. Rylei is 24 and can play the piano, saxophone, and guitar. Keep up with Rylei's latest on Facebook and ReverbNation.

1. What's it like living in Soap Lake, and how does your environment influence your songwriting?

Soap Lake is a small town but with an amazing view. With lots of little places to escape to, I feel Soap Lake is one of the best towns if you want to write. People spend a lot to have the kind of retreat I get every day.

2. When did you first start learning to play an instrument, and do you have a favorite instrument to play, or do you enjoy all three equally?

I started playing piano at 10 years old; it wasn't my favorite instrument to learn in the world, but it taught me how to read music and understand how songs can be created so differently. I'm best at playing the saxophone, but my favorite instrument to write songs on is the guitar.

3. Do you feel a big difference between being part of a band and working on your solo projects?

There are some good things and bad things about being in a band as a part of going solo. I miss the camaraderie, and when writing a song, having someone who is skilled with that instrument makes it easier to create complex songs. Being solo I find it harder to write musically challenging songs because I have to be able to perform them on stage, so playing and singing which can be difficult. The one good thing is only having to worry about yourself. I took on the manager roll in the band which took a lot of fun out of it.

4. How would you describe your music to people who haven't heard it yet? Does it fall into a particular genre and/or have connections to other artists that people might recognize?

I describe my music as Indie acoustic rock. I try to write songs that tell life stories; they're not always chart toppers, but they're real about real life as well. If I had to describe myself by comparison with another artist I would say Thriving Ivory for the lyrics and voice, with Ingrid Michelson's melodies and instrumentals. Every once in a while I dabble into other genres like the feel of Never Shout Never as well.

5. What are your goals for your music over the next couple of years?

I truly want to be a songwriter. Right though my goal is to travel and try to make a name for myself. I want to share my music with anyone who will give a listening ear to my songs. Anything that leads to a musical career would be great.

Thanks, Rylei!

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