Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meet Hoyt Van Wagner Bangs of PaverCleen

PaverCleen Concrete Degreaser™ when diluted with warm water will provide an economical high performance cleaner. Grease, oil, and dirt are effectively removed from masonry and concrete surfaces. A variety of additional surfaces such as bugs, mold, and other biological growths will be removed from steel, glass, and plastic. See this link for information for distributors, and this one for wholesale information.

Our interview below is with Hoyt Van Wagner Bangs.

1. Who invented PaverCleen, and did anything in particular inspire its invention?

The brand PaverCleen was invented by members of the Bangs family in Pennsylvania. They were trying to find a product that would fit the needs of the digital age. Since PaverCleen is a concentrate, money is saved on shipping, which could help end users save greatly on shipping prices.

2. What distinguishes PaverCleen from other products or methods that homeowners might use to include concrete and brickwork?

PaverCleen is industrial strength. Because it is a concentrate, one gallon can make six gallons of cleaner. Customers can use the diluted formula for large areas and an even stronger one to one for extra stubborn spot stains.

3. Do you find that commercial users have a particular interest in your product?

Commercial masons and power washers love PaverCleen as well as homeowners who want a professional solution.

4. Is PaverCleen safe for pets and for run-off into gardens, drains, etc?

When used properly, PaverCleen is safe for plants. Simply mist the plants and vegetation before and after the use of PaverCleen.

5. Is there anything else you'd like readers to know about your product and its uses?

PaverCleen also cleans a variety of additional surfaces and removes debris such as bugs, mold, and other biological growths from steel, glass, and plastic.

Thanks, Hoyt!

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