Saturday, April 27, 2013 for Hair Extensions

Because I've always had long hair, I never thought much about hair extensions until I was contacted by the owner of It's a site for selling hair extensions, but it's also an informative look at the many kinds of extensions available in the marketplace.

I never realized that there are so many different ways that you can attach hair extensions. Some of the most popular items are clip in hair extensions, which are a good alternative for people who want to try a new hairstyle (and/or are unable to grow their hair long) but who want a temporary/changeable option. These small clips are unobtrusive, and they don't damage your existing hair through the use of glues or tapes.

I thought most hair extensions were artificial hair made from synthetic fibers, but that shows you how little I knew. Turns out that there's a lot of availability of extensions made from human hair, and these extensions last longer and look and move in a more natural way.

You can take care of your hair extensions like your own hair, treating them with a mild shampoo. This is a product that's been around for years now, and there are lots of options for trying different styles with different kinds of hair. Straight, curly, wavy, and everything in between--there are hair extensions out there, as I discovered on

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