Saturday, March 2, 2013

Meet Jason E. Hill, Actor

Jason E. Hill is an actor, a dad, a military veteran, and a search and rescue volunteer. Learn more about his work on his website, No Joke! Survival, as well as his IMDB page.

1. As an actor, how did you get started in film and TV work?

I started like a lot of actors, doing background work. My first job as an extra was for a History Channel movie named Taming the Wild West based on the story of Jedediah Smith. From there I did more movies as background until one day I was offered some lines in a Stephen Spielberg television series. After that, I got an agent and away I went.

2. What is your role in the summer 2013 movie release, The Lone Ranger?

My character in The Lone Ranger is named Seamus. I wish I could say more, but unfortunately I must keep quiet until the movie is released. I can say that it is going to be awesome!

3. How does your project, No Joke! Survival, combine your interests in acting with your knowledge of outdoor survival and your experience in the military as well as volunteering for search and rescue in your community?

That's a great question. I started a local group where I would teach basic survival skills. I grew up with a love of the outdoors and continue to this day. My military experience taught me responsibility and confidence. I taught first aid among other classes while I was in the military. When I started making videos, the goal was to teach survival skills but make them humorous as well. Learning can be fun. The acting has let me become used to the process of being in front of a camera and understand how things are filmed. I don't claim to be real good at it, but I do have fun with it. Search & Rescue is a way for me to give back to the community. I already had tons of outdoor and survival gear, so it just made sense. Many of my skills come into play while I am out in the mountains with a heavy pack searching for someone. If I could do a Survival movie about Search & Rescue, it would combine the things I love!

4. What are some of the topics you cover in your videos on No Joke! Survivial?

Most of my topics are on basic survival skills. Skills such as starting a fire, filtering water, finding water from different sources, trapping, map reading, making a spear, proper clothing, and proper hydration.

5. I noticed on your blog that you keep busy with a lot of projects! What are you currently working on, and what are some of your goals for the next few years?

You read my blog? Awesome... you're the first one! I may not actually be funny, but I like to try. Our last project was a funny parody of the show Finding Bigfoot. We are preparing to film another parody of a different show which we hope turns out well. It might be based on a popular survival show where two people go out together to survive. A job hosting a real television show on Prepping is looking like a possibility as well. My goal is to be able to make a living doing something associated with outdoors and survival. Everyone says you should love your work.

Thanks, Jason!

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