Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Meet Adley Telfort of DoBoys is a resource which connects local individuals who provide services with individuals who want to buy services. The only restriction on jobs that can be posted on the site is that the work must not be illegal. DoBoys is currently in a "pre-launch" phase and users are invited to try the site for free.

1. How did you come up with the idea for DoBoys?

I came up with the idea for after becoming very frustrated which searching for service providers using Craigslist and Angie's List. Don't get me wrong; those sites have plenty of service providers listed. But in order to find one that would provide the best price, I was calling each one of them and still there was no guarantee that I would actually get a direct quote.

2. When did you start the site, and what feedback have you received from users so far?

I started working on the site back in November 2012. We did a soft launch in February of 2013 and got 500 people to sign up within the first two weeks. We're going to do a soft launch in mid March and then go from there after getting some feedback as far as how we can improve the customer service and user-friendly availability of the site. As of right now the response that we've been getting from visitors and from reviews has been excellent.

3. What are some of the common types of jobs people offer to do on the site?

The most common jobs people request on our site are the ones listed on the popular category.

4. What makes DoBoys a unique site among other sites featuring independent business people, microentrepreneurs, etc?

What makes different is the simple fact that users can request the most professional, the most simple, or even the most ridiculous task to be done. No other site offers its users the availability to hire their own personal do boy to complete any task that they wish.

5. How do you envision the site growing over the next several months?

In the next couple months we expect to have be as common of a name as Craigslist or Angie's List, when it comes to looking for service providers.

Thanks, Adley!

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