Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maca Powder from Sunfood

Have you tried adding Maca to your diet? My partner has become a big fan of Maca, and she adds it to her smoothies in the morning. I'd never even heard of it until a couple years ago when I met two health practitioners who recommend it highly. Basically, it's a powder that's made from a root vegetable that grows in Peru. The story I heard is that Inca warriors used to eat Maca before going into battle. My partner says it does help her feel stronger in the mornings when she bikes seven miles to work!

Maca does have a fairly earthy taste that won't appeal to everyone, BUT we discovered that a great way to improve the taste of Maca in a smoothie or "green drink" is to add some lemon to the mix. I'm one of the pickiest eaters out there, but with the lemon, I can't taste the Maca in the drink.

We've had such a good experience with Sunfood's organic Maca that I signed up for an affiliate account with Sunfood. They offer lots of great organic products such as goji berries, acai powder, cacao, and coconut oil. If you like making healthy drinks in your Vitamix or other blender, it's worth checking out Maca and other "super foods" products from Sunfood.

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