Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Naser Abdulghani, Game Designer and Entrepreneur

Naser Abdulghani is an internet and multimedia entrepreneur who has recently launched his new Maryland-based start-up company, Jokerware LLC, specializing in mobile games and application development. Naser works alongside his creative team on a creating and launching new, challenging, and fun games that appeal to almost every type of gamer. Naser has launched his first ever mobile game "Love Gears" and is willing to launch more games in the near future.

Download Love Gears from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

1. What was your inspiration in designing your first mobile game, Love Gears?

I've always been a fan of mobile games that I play during my free time which I consider as a mind sport. I always look for a game that joins simplicity, fun, and challenge, and this is where the idea of creating my own game came from. 

  2. What are the unique challenges in creating a mobile app, as opposed to a game that would be played on a larger screen?

Mobiles are very easy to be carried around wherever you go, so the need for mobile games is much more higher than larger screen games; therefore, the competence to stand out from the crowd is higher and more difficult. There are hundreds of thousands of mobile games available at reasonable prices, so the tricky part is to design a game that fits perfectly with the taste of players. 

3. How did you get started in designing games, and what would you suggest other people do if they are interested in making games themselves?

Mobile games are today's trend, and there are many good and bad games out there. The idea behind the game should be unique and fun. I would advise people to innovate and be creative when it comes to designing games. People who download games are smart and would not fall for replication or boring ideas.

4. Who do you think would especially enjoy Love Gears? Are there other popular games you might compare it to?

Love Gears is designed to match the taste of people who like challenging, addictive games: people who like to think while they play and spend their time in something fun and useful. Love Gears is suitable for all family members especially those who like to challenge each other. Our game has been compared to "Cut the Rope" which flatters us and makes us proud as start-ups to be compared to such a successful game. 

5. What's next for Jokerware?

This was our first game, but stay tuned for more interesting competing games.

Thanks, Naser!

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