Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meet Giorgio Taverniti of Frank's Pizza House

Frank's Pizza House is a local favorite in Toronto, Ontario. The two chefs at this family-run restaurant are a dynamic duo of mother and son. Maria and Giorgio Taverniti are the minds behind the classic Italian dishes they offer to their clients. The restaurant atmosphere is warm and filled with friendly faces--as well as delicious aromas of freshly made dough, sizzling pizza, and savory espresso.

Giorgio Taverniti attended the Italian culinary progam at George Brown College. The culinary program combined with his mother's vast knowledge paved the way for him to follow his passion for the culinary arts. He now teaches Pizza 101 at George Brown College part-time.

Photo by Albano Martins

1. Why did you and your family decide to open a pizzeria in Toronto?

Choosing Toronto to open our pizzeria was a clear choice because Toronto is where we call home. Plus, Toronto is a mega city with a large culture and ethnic population, three major league sports franchise teams, and locals who have a knowledge of food. Toronto was an easy choice!

2. Could you tell us about your family's background and experience with cooking Italian foods?

My mother being of Portugese background learned her culinary skills in Italian cuisine from my grandmother from Calabria. Myself, I attended George Brown College here in Toronto where I completed the Italian Culinary program. After myself and my mother worked in different restaurants thoughout Toronto, we decided to open our own Italian pizzeria restaurant here in Toronto.

3. What makes Frank's Pizza House a unique restaurant to visit in Toronto?

What makes us different is being hands-on at all times in this family pizzeria.

4. What keeps customers coming back to your restaurant?

I think what keeps our customers coming back is us being part of the community and being visible at all times, showing them that we care about what we put out of our kitchen. Our simple, fresh dishes give dining at Frank's Pizza House a feel of the cultural influence of being in Italy.

5. If you had to choose your favorite three items on your menu, what would they be, and why?

Three favorite items would start with Frank's Salad, which has our special balasmic vinegar reduction to die for. Second would be our pizzas--that's what we're known for, and my favorite is the Toronto Pizza, a classic. Then I would choose our pillow Gnocchi, house-made in a simple tomato sauce that melts in your mouth.

Thanks, Giorgio!