Saturday, February 16, 2013

DoGoodCon and Social Entrepreneurship

Have you heard about DoGoodCon? It's an event that will be held from May 27-29 at The Altman Building in New York, with a focus on social entrepreneurs who use technology and design to help their communities by creating sustainable solutions. While these entrepreneurs work from a for-profit business model, they also keep a social mission in mind as a key part of their work.

Speakers at the event will represent a wide range of industries, such as education, fashion, finance, food, transportation, and entertainment.

Founder Alison Potvin describes her motivation for starting DoGoodCon as follows: "I became disillusioned with the existing non-profit model of fundraising to support worthy causes. I feel the answer to creating sustainable change lies in scalable solutions. The traditional charitable model is not a sustainable one, especially during these times of economic uncertainty and political gamesmanship. So, I went out in search of social entrepreneurs who are pursuing the work they love while creating sustainable change in both local and global communities."

Tickets for DoGoodCon are available on Kickstarter, as are additional rewards for contributors, such as capability to livestream content from the event. Potvin chose to launch DoGoodCon on Kickstarter because, in her words, "The Kickstarter community embraces Doers and Innovators and DoGoodCon is all about action and innovation."

For more information, see the "about" page on the DoGoodCon website, and/or watch the video embedded below.

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