Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Introduction to Dari by Nadejda Rozanova

Nadejda Rozanova shared the following note about herself... "As Xena the warrior princess I have many skills: I am a PhD in biological sciences, cancer researcher, Reiki Master/Teacher, and now author of fiction and nonfiction books. I was born and raised in the former USSR and moved to the USA in 1999. Now I am living in California, where I do some research on new methods of cancer treatment (including treatment with Reiki energy), write scientific manuscripts about my research, and write books."

Available for Amazon Kindle, Nadejda's book called Dari (The Sword of Freedom) tells the story of a young woman's quest to avenge her family and her people's tragic fate.

After she ventures into the woods to get her family something to eat, Dari could not have imagined returning to find her entire village burned to dust. Dari knows she is the only one who has survived. The soldiers who attacked the village are still there when Dari arrives, so she hides. While hiding, she hears that a warlord named Dantest is responsible for the tragic end her family and her people have suffered. The discovery of who is behind the attack fuels Dari's rage; she wants to avenge her family and people. The only way to get their killers is for her to fight and kill Dantest. However, she needs help.

The only one who can help her defeat Dantest is a martial arts master who lives on White Mountain. Dari braces herself for her long journey to find the master; little does she know that the master is already anticipating her arrival. Rina, the master, agrees to help and train Dari for the day she will finally face Dantest. But what Dari does not know is there are other enemies she has to defeat first before she can fight with Dantest and avenge her family and her people.

If you are a reader with an interest in fantastic adventures with element of action, you might enjoy Dari--plus, it's available for download for just 99 cents and is free to Amazon Prime members!

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