Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meet Nancy Velazquez, Entrepreneur

CEO and Founder of, Nancy Velazquez has been married for 18 years and is the mother of three. She has over 15 years in substantial management business roles, and is involved in various industry, trade, and professional associations. Nancy has also attended courses and seminars in personal development, as well as business, leadership, and communication skills. A real estate and business investor, Nancy is currently focusing 100% of her efforts on

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1. What is the brand, and how did you choose the name for the business?

The TrEmbu brand offers an easier and more affordable venue to online sellers. Sellers can list and sell for free anything of quality: this includes products that they invent, handmade items, or even items that sellers have found to resell. We provide resources that empower our sellers and buyers to engage in successful online shopping experiences; it's our goal to provide exceptional quality products and outstanding customer service.

The name was hard to come up with since so many domain names are taken. We wanted to choose a meaningful name that was also short, and after days of working with combinations of several words, we came up with TrEmbu.

TrEmbu stands for: Teaming with Resources & Entrepreneurs Managing Business Undertaking.

In plain English, TrEmbu means: Facilitating Tools for Owners with Initiative to Manage Profitable Online Stores.

2. What motivated you to start an online social marketplace for sellers?

Four years ago, I used to sell on Etsy, and while they offer traffic and sales at high commission prices, they have strict policies about the specific items they do and do not allow, and sellers risk suspension and more for reselling quality products if these products do not qualify as handmade or vintage according to Etsy's standards.

As I did more research about experiences of Etsy sellers who had lost their shops, I wanted to create a solution to store suspension, and I decided to create as a marketplace where online sellers would sell anything of quality and value, and no one would get left behind.

3. How did you determine what items could be sold in a store at

With the economy being as challenging as it has been for years, more people are in need of solutions to help make ends meet. Some sellers online sell vintage, antiques, collectibles, handcrafted items, etc. As I mentioned above, some of the current marketplaces restrict as to the kind of items you can sell on their marketplace. On some you can only sell handmade, vintage, supplies, antiques, etc. I decided to create a marketplace where you can purchase any quality product, sold by the inventor, maker, or finders.

4. How do plan to accomplish TrEmbu's mission statement, "To become the leader in online E-commerce platforms"?

I think getting there, it is just a matter of time by providing powerful tools that empower our sellers, by listening to their needs, and treating them with respect and dignity. Once at the top, finding balance without losing vision of this mission is key. We are ready for whatever life and universe throws our way.

5. What can you share about the near future of, and what would you like to tell sellers about why they would want to open a store with you?

We are getting a new and fun look soon. Our traffic is increasing and currently is at over 20,000 daily visitors. Our ranking, tools, and marketing are getting better and better every day. We are committed to treating our sellers and their customers with dignity and fairness, while providing effective solutions for them. 2012 will be our year; keep an eye on us so that we can pleasantly surprise you!

One of our sellers named Dave says: " is the best place to open a store. We are not limited to handmade crafts, and it is the cheapest without cost to list and no added payments during sales." I hope you will visit this link for more reviews of our services.

Thanks, Nancy!

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