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Meet Michael Davis, Founder of Survival Food Prep

Michael Davis has been developing and marketing websites for more than 15 years now, since graduating with a degree in Computer Applications and Programming. He is the founder of I'm Not Marvin, LLC, a web development shop with a unique take on the website project. For the last several years he has been working with various websites in the field of emergency food and preparedness and now brings that experience to the creation of For more information, see also the Facebook page for Survival Food Prep.

1. How prepared are most people for coping with an emergency situation when food supplies might not be easy to access?

According to a survey done earlier this year by Allstate (TM), nearly half (46 percent) of survey respondents say they have not thought about or even discussed an evacuation plan or meeting place away from the home for their family. The majority of Americans (62 percent) also say they have not prepared an emergency kit of any kind. The need for emergency preparedness is even greater for Americans who live in coastal counties (29%).

2. How will your website help people be more prepared?

There are many areas of emergency preparedness that should be considered, not the least of which is food. At we will specialize in helping people plan for their food needs and acquiring the necessary food. In an emergency situation calories are the key, but how those calories taste is almost equally important. Food can be an area of comfort in a stressful situation, so we not only want to help people determine the correct number of calories for their family needs, but we want those calories to be of the highest quality and great tasting.

3. Could you describe your specific background in emergency preparedness that you bring to this project?

First of all, I am not a preparedness expert. Although I have several years of experience working with clients in this field and creating my own supply of stored food, I want people to know that I am just like them, concerned for my family's needs.

What I do is combine the technical resources with experts in their fields to create a valuable and easily accessible online resource for those seeking to start storing a supply of emergency food.

4. What are two or three things anyone can do right now to protect themselves and their family in case of emergency?

To get started right away, the first thing I recommend is getting a 72-hour supply of food on hand. This will vary by family size, but is usually a bucket or two, so even if you live in an apartment, it can be stored in a closet fairly easily.

After Hurricane Sandy, more people were affected by a lack of power than by the flooding itself. Those who lived in high-rise apartments reported that very quickly the food they had on hand was either eaten or went bad. Also, when they ventured out to find food, they not only had to walk the stairs because elevators were out, but would find long lines at grocery stores for what little food was available.

Many also learned too late that the stores were only able to take cash. This speaks to the second thing I recommend: keep a little extra cash on hand.

Having 72 hours worth of food stored lets you ride out the first few days after a disaster without the added stress of not knowing where your next meal will come from. You will be able to make better decisions on how best to protect your family, and having cash will help ensure you can acquire those items you still need right away in case a power outage prevents you from being able to use a cash machine.

5. What kind of food are you giving away to mark the launch of your website, and what kinds of products make for good "emergency food"?

To celebrate the January 1, 2013 launch of, we have put together a prize package of several different varieties of the food we will offer in our store.

The top prize is what we call the Food, Fire, Filter kit because in addition to the food, the kit includes a folding grill, fuel for the grill, a cooking pot, utensils, a water filter bottle and more. These items are all packaged in a sealed bucket that is easy to store and easy to grab if you have to leave in an emergency. Other prizes include 72-hour kits, with enough food for two adults, and several sample kits of our variety of food.

One thing we always encourage is for people to try the food before an emergency. For this reason, we will offer smaller sample kits that are intended for use beforehand. This way you will not only be familiar with how to prepare the food when it is needed, but it will also help you determine which foods your family likes best so you can focus on keeping more of their favorites on hand.

Thanks, Michael!

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