Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meet Andrew Dieudonne, Entrepreneur

Andrew Dieudonne is from Trenton, NJ. He is 25 years old and graduated from college in 2010 with a degree in business management. A connoisseur of classic men's fashion, Andrew has always pursued his dream of owning his own business. Through his new retail shop, The Blue Brand, Andrew combines his business background and fashion sense to offer a carefully chosen selection of high-quality ties and cufflinks for affordable prices. Follow The Blue Brand on Facebook, too.

1.What is The Blue Brand, and how did you choose this name for your business?

The Blue Brand is a gentleman's one-stop source for exquisite silk ties and cufflinks. We are primarily an online store and carry several different colors and patterns of neckties for everyone to enjoy!

Choosing the name was easy. I wanted a name that was memorable for customers and one that represented my personality. Blue is the perfect fit! Royal blue is my favorite color, but more importantly the feeling behind the color to me is one that is calm, yet bold. I included the word "Brand" because I want to grow the business to include more products. Eventually, I'd like to include the option to customize dress shirts to "The Blue Brand."

2. What motivated you to start an online store specializing in neckties and cufflinks?

I've always had an entrepreneur's spirit and an interest in men's fashion. Unfortunately, however, I was not born into the Trump family, so the lack of funds steered me towards the online direction versus the standard brick and mortar. I wanted to specialize in cufflinks and neckties because I want to start with basic men's accessories that are affordable on any budget!

3. How do you determine which items you carry in your store?

Our customer determines the items we carry. I constantly think about the type of man or woman who shops at The Blue Brand, and the answer always leads back to affordability. I want to provide products that have superb craftsmanship and great styling and are very affordable to everybody!

4. What are some tips for choosing the best necktie for each specific occasion (for example, what makes some ties more casual and others more formal)?

One tip I'd advise people is to stay away from screen-printed ties--far away, people!! Screen-printed ties tend to be seasonal novelty items and simply look cheap.

The fabric of your necktie plays a big role in creating a formal, or casual look. Knit ties are increasingly popular with younger guys. Knit ties can be paired with Diem jeans for a casually youthful look. Wool ties can either be formal or casual depending on the rest of your look, but whether the occasion is formal or casual, a silk necktie is always the best choice for any occasion.

5. What are some tips for choosing a necktie or set of cufflinks or tie/cufflinks set for someone as a gift?

Keep it simple: remember two things and you'll never go wrong. First and foremost, keep in mind an occasion this person would wear the necktie and cufflinks set. Will this set be worn at work? Is this for a special date? Could this be worn for job interviews? Or will it possibly be worn at an upcoming wedding? Secondly, try to find out this person's favorite color. When it comes to the design on the necktie, you want to choose something you like, so the gift has a personal touch. Nonetheless, a necktie and cufflinks set is a classic gift idea that will never go out of style.

Thanks, Andrew!

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