Friday, December 21, 2012

Following Your Dream and Spreading the Word

As the editor of this blog, I generally keep the spotlight on other people and their projects, which is as it should be for a blog which focuses mostly on sharing interviews! But I wanted to offer links to two articles which I hope you'll find useful.

The first is a first-person story by graphic designer Marissa Poppens on not being afraid to ask for help when you're pursuing your dream. In setting up her business, Marissa found that other people are more willing to help than she'd imagined. Read about her experiences here, on the Best Business Bytes blog.

The second link is for an article I wrote about utilizing some free promotional tools. I wrote this while thinking of the creative professionals I interview on this blog: I hope the article will prove useful in terms of generating free publicity for your interviews, should you wish to take a few easy steps to promote them. As an independent artist and/or businessperson, free PR can be critical in creating buzz about anything from your latest self-published book to an upcoming concert. Here's the link to the article, called "Make the Most of Your Post."

Thanks, as ever, for visiting this blog and meeting interesting artists and entrepreneurs from all over the world!

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