Friday, April 7, 2017

Meet Eric of Average Joe Arbitrage

Eric J. Wynn is a professional traveler; he spends an average of 350 days per year traveling and has developed and learned a number of techniques for travel hacking, credit hacking, and earning extra money. He created a website called Average Joe Arbitrage to share his travel arbitrage tips and other ideas for readers who want to save and make money.

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1. How did you choose the name of your site, Average Joe Arbitrage? Also, for readers unfamiliar with the word, what does "arbitrage" mean?

I consider myself just an average person, who lives a rather unusual life. And I wanted to share what I have learned at making extra money and living a better life with average people. Arbitrage is the knack or art of finding something valued at X dollars but knowing you can sell it for Y dollars. And, then capitalizing on that trade.

2. As someone who travels for much of the year, where do you most like to spend your time?

I normally spend about 90 days in one spot; then I pack and move up to another spot. It is a very nomadic lifestyle. But, I am fascinated with seeing America. Every location has its uniqueness; Boston has its museums; Nebraska has its prairies. Every location in America is unique and has something fascinating about it. But, my heart is with the beach, and I truly relish my time along the beaches, listening to the sound of the waves, the cry of the gulls, and the smell of salt air.

3. What are some of your favorite ways to make (and save) money, and how do you keep your business operations easily portable to accommodate your traveling?

I make money in numerous ways. I do a lot of secret shopping; I seek out arbitrage opportunities with retailers, and I take advantage of pricing anomalies that they have. For saving money, I always buy with coupons. I never want to pay retail. My favorite way method of couponing right now is using the shopping app Ibotta which is available in the Apple App store. It is the easiest fastest way I have found to get rebates. On a side note, if you download the Ibotta app, and use my referral code, qffkbsh, you will get a $10.00 welcome bonus. My gift to you...

4. Why is it important for people to utilize multiple ways of making/saving money, rather than just focusing on one specific hack or project?

We live in an economy in which is going to get harder and harder for people to make ends meet. By developing multiple income streams, people can better absorb these difficulties and in turn live a better life for their themselves and their families.

5. Can you share some of your all-time favorite deals you've found--and what are your tips for readers who want to find great deals, too?

Last Christmas, a retailer offered a $10 discount, for every hundred dollars in gift cards purchased. That is a 10% savings right there. Better than any savings account and I purchased 15 of these gift cards. But, the week before Christmas, the retailer adjusted the sale, and I was able to purchase $500.00 gift cards for $450.00. I purchased 20 of these gifts cards. I grossed $1,150.00 for my Christmas shopping! I think people should know how to find these deals, and I am just interested in sharing my techniques. The secret to this is reading my blog and keeping an eye open for these unique deals. If you scroll through my blog, I post a copy of the ad the retailer posted. It was no secret; millions of people saw it. But, how many took advantage of it?

Thanks, Eric!

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